Symbian Quickoffice 4.5 Available

Symbian Quickoffice has just received a big update to v4.5, with added multi-language spell checking, improved document compatibility, Series 80-style keyboard shortcuts, extra features and plenty of bug fixes. Compared to version three, Symbian Quickoffice version 4.5 has many major updates and thoroughly rewrite the core codes.

Symbian quickoffice 4.5 Features like the fabulous dynamic zoom, where you can quickly scroll through a wide range of zoom levels (pressing 'Accept' when you get to one you like) and the much faster document opening point to a lot of low level work being done by the development team.

Symbian Quickoffice 4.5 now suitable for use in a business email environment. It's true that round-tripping still isn't 100% perfect, but it's close, perhaps 99% and certainly good enough for most business use. Sure, the odd missing embedded object or a change in cell row height might annoy your boss but it won't get you fired. Documents which are more straightforward than my test files will effectively be re-saved perfectly.

Symbian Quickoffice 4.5's front end is now a simple file browser, starting from a device root, showing 'Phone memory' and 'Memory card', meaning that you can keep your documents where you like, folder-wise. Proper file manager options like moving and deleting are here too, along with the option to filter the views to just show one office file type (e.g. Excel files).