iPhone Court Case: T-Mobile wins against Vodafone

T-Mobile wins against Vodafone in iPhone Court Case. Vodafone has failed to break up a deal giving rival T-Mobile the exclusive rights to distribute Apple's iPhone in Germany. A German court overturned a temporary injunction it granted two weeks ago, which forced T-Mobile to sell iPhones that were not tied to a single network.

After last month's temporary injunction obtained by Vodafone, which prevented T-Mobile from selling locked iPhones, a German court reversed the decision, allowing them to sell Apple's iPhone for 399 euros with a 2-year T-Mobile contract. In the two weeks since the temporary injunction was granted, T-Mobile sold the handsets without a network contract for 999 euros (about $1,500/ £720). That price was a significant premium to the 399 euro cost for a phone with a two year T-Mobile contract.

T-Mobile has now promised that at the end of the two year contracts it will unlock the phones at no charge.