Nokia High Definiton (HD) Video Quality in 2010

Nokia High Definiton (HD) Video Quality in 2010. According to Nokia's CTO (Chief Technology Officer) Tero Ojanpera, high definition video recording on cell phones is coming in 2 years. "It's coming. Technically, we are a couple of years away," Nokia chief technology officer Tero Ojanpera told Reuters in an interview. "It's still a few years away."

Nokia N95 has the ability to record TV quality video, even though cell phone cameras have been around for more than five years. Nokia N95 handset already records television-quality video (640 x 480). But as chipsets, recording capabilities, battery life and storage space in mobile phones increase, we're in for better-quality recordings in the future.

Phones have had cameras, and the ability to use them as camcorders, for more than five years, but only this year did Nokia start to sell a model, the N95, which records television-quality video. High-end multimedia phones could even pose a threat to the camcorder in the same way as cameraphones are rumoured to be killing off the compact digital camera. (ed.Reuters)