AT&T Mobile TV

AT&T Mobile TV. With its own “MediaFLO” based broadcast network, AT&T is expected to bring 8 popular cable channels with 24 hour accessibility and 2 exclusive channels and possibility to invoke complimentary datacasting. As always it’s all about the quality of the content and just how well its delivered.

The list of the 8 popular cable channels: * Fox Mobile * CBS Mobile * MTV * NBC 2Go * NBC News 2Go * Nickelodeon (in case you missed that episode of Dora the Explorer). * ESPN Mobile TV * Comedy Central

The phones that will likely get to showcase this mobile wonder before all others will be either the LG Vu or CU920 as it’s otherwise known (similar to LG’s Viewty). LG Vu (CU-920) handset, which is similar to LG’s Prada and Viewty handsets, priced between $200 and $250.