Hudson Releases Bomberman Land Battles for US Mobile Phone

Hudson Releases Bomberman Land Battles for US Mobile Phone. Hudson has announced the release of Bomberman Land Battles for BREW and Java phones in the US. An award-winning series on gaming consoles, Bomberman Land: Battles follows the million-unit-selling mobile game Super Bomberman. Bomberman was always one of those games that didn’t rely on high-end graphics, but instead skill and control i.e. it was playable and addictive! In addition to Bomberman Land Battles, gamers can look forward to Bomberman Land for Nintendo Wii and Sony PSP, and Bomberman Land Touch 2 for the Nintendo DS shipping on January 29, 2008.

Your route is important though as Bomberman will upgrade as you progress and each path contains different power-ups, of which there are 15 in total. Also standing in your way are five bosses each of which, once defeated, is unlocked as a opponent in the VS. Mode, in which players fight against other Bombermen in classic Bomberman battles. The variations this time include 32 huge maps with branching paths so once a level is clear, there are three different paths to the next.

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