iPhone 1.1.3 WebClip Feature Hack for Speed Dial On HomeScreen

iPhone 1.1.3 WebClip Feature Hack for Speed Dial On HomeScreen. iPhone developer, Nate True put a little hack together that lets you have a (somewhat) speedy speed dial icon. There’s no jailbreaking required for this one - it can all be done using Apple-approved Web Clip creation.

Along the same lines as that WebClips-based homescreen picture album hack, Nate True has come up with a solution that will put speed-dial thumbnail icons on your homescreen. iPhone 1.1.3 Hack will take a bit of webpage-coding know-how (or just some instruction-following know-how), and a web server that you can use. The instructions involved putting a script on a webpage that, when clicked, will prompt the iPhone to dial the embedded phone number. You then turn that webpage into a WebClip (with the appropriate picture) and you’ll have image-based speed-dial right on your iPhone’s homescreen.

> Nate True’s Hack Instructions on creating a Speed Dial Shortcut using WebClip Feature here.