Nokia Owns 40% Global Mobile Phone Market in Q4 2007

Nokia Owns 40% Global Mobile Phone Market in Q4 2007. Nokia just published the Q4 and full year 2007 results. Q4 2007 estimated device market share reached 40%, with significantly increased margins and quarterly operating cash flow of EUR 2.7 billion. Nokia Board of Directors will propose a dividend of EUR 0.53 per share for 2007 (EUR 0.43 per share for 2006).

Here are the numbers you should know about:
* 40% market share officially reached * 437.1 million devices were shipped in 2007 compared to 374.5 million in 2006, an increase of 25.8% * 133.5 million devices shipped in Q4, up 27% compared to this time last year * North American sales fell 23.3% to only 19.4 million units sold in all of 2007 * 38 million Nseries devices and approximately 7 million Eseries devices during the whole of 2007 * Average selling price per device increased by 1 euro compared to Q32007, it is now 83 euros * Sales increased 34% compared to this time last year, bringing in 15.7 billion euros * Profit increased 64% compared to this time last year, total being 2.5 billion euros * 18.8 million converged devices (S60) shipped in Q4 compared to 11.1 this time last year * Over 11 million Nseries devices and over 2 million Eseries devices were sold in Q4 * Market share in North America dropped to 5.1% while every other region except China experienced double digit growth

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