PocketGuitar - Virtual Guitar for iPhone or iPod Touch

PocketGuitar - Virtual Guitar for iPhone or iPod Touch. PocketGuitar is a virtual guitar for iPhone and iPod touch. You can even have guitar sessions with the songs in your iPod! It has been tested on iPod touch 1.1.1. Here’s one for all you Fans of Rockband and Guitar Hero. Now you can finally bust out ‘Eruption’ on the bus and annoy everyone around you!

According to the Google Code page (http://code.google.com/p/pocketguitar/), PocketGuitar is now included in ModMyiFone.com Community Sources. Make sure you have the latest “Community Sources” package, and you can find it under “Toys” category.

Thus far, the application does work with the iPhone’s 1.1.1 firmware, but has yet to be attempted on 1.1.2. It should come as no surprise that 1.1.3 wont work yet, but the author seems optimistic that the SDK is coming soon and that it won’t be much of an issue.