Sharp Devices with Android OS

Sharp Devices with Android OS. Android OS Hacked to Run on Sharp Devices. We may not be able to buy a cellphone running Google’s new Android operating system yet, but that doesn’t mean you can’t run the OS on a mobile device. While official Google Android devices are still a good year from hitting the market (at least according to Google), the free availability of the Android SDK and the emulator has brought all those talented hackers out of the woodwork.

A Hungarian coding-team that calls themselves Eu.Edge realized that the Android OS is capable of running on virtually any device with an ARMv5TE processor. What followed was a slew of Sharp handhelds being tweaked to run the highly-anticipated Android OS. The Sharp Sl-C760, C3000M, SL-C3000, and SL-6000 have all gotten the Android-treatment.

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