Skyfire - Browser Application for Windows Mobile

Skyfire - Browser Application for Windows Mobile. Skyfire browser is set to finally bring PC-like browsing to your Windows Mobile device with crazy speeds and support for all manner of embedded content. The new mobile browser is comparable to PC browsing speeds and offer the “real web” on your Windows Mobile smartphones. Skyfire is compatible with Windows Mobile 5.0 and 6.0 - in both touchscreen and non-touchscreen flavors.

The browser application offers just about all the features you need to access “Web 2.0″ sites, like dynamic Flash, advanced Ajax, and Java. It’s good enough that your main limitation in browsing is going to be the size and resolution of your smartphone’s screen, and Skyfire is even able to compensate for that. Zooming, thumbnailing and smart resizing of the page to fit your screen look to be included. Flash-advertisements, YouTube, MySpace, Facebook - any and all web-pages load in speedy fashion thanks to Skyfire’s behind-the-scenes server-magic. With integrated Flash support, animated/interactive advertisements come to life, embedded videos play in the browser, and Flash-based web-pages are finally viewable.

Check out the video below to get an idea for how Skyfire will work on your WinMo handset. Then go sign up for the private beta here >