Skype VoIP for Intel Mobile Internet Device UMPC

Skype VoIP for Intel Mobile Internet Device UMPC. Skype is developing a VoIP application for the conceptional Intel MID (Mobile Internet Device) UMPC. The device runs on an open-source Linux OS, so when the application will be ready, we can expect phone functionality to be enabled on any other Linux-based UMPC.

The devices run MILP OS (Mobile Internet Linux Platform) as do many mobile phones now which allows for easy development and integration for phone’s software developers and for third-party software writers.

These handhelds are intended to run Linux, the version being developed by the Intel-backed Mobile Internet Linux Platform. Skype’s targeting the MILP OS. Intel MIDs running Skype on Mobile Internet Linux should be available during the first half of 2008.

With Skype targeting the MILP (Mobile Internet Linux Platform), we could be seeing many more UMPC performing phone operations as well. This is a very good thing for us phone. Skype can now be used on the following platforms:
+ Nokia Internet Tablet devices (N800/N810)
+ PlayStation Portable (PSP)
+ Sony Mylo 2
+ Intel’s MID platform
+ 3 Skypephone
+ A number of in-house phones
+ Most smartphones

You can learn more about the MID platform >