anySIM 1.3 - SIM-unlock Application for iPhone

anySIM 1.3 - SIM-unlock Application for iPhone. anySIM v1.3, sim-unlock application (available through will now unlock your v1.1.3 iPhone. anySIM 1.3 can unlock baseband 4.03_13_g. To use it, you should upgrade the baseband then put the iPhone in airplane mode and run it. It works also in JB 113 OS.

Only v1.1.3 iPhones with Bootloader v3.9 will work with anySIM v1.3. How do you know? Check your iPhone’s serial number. If the 3rd, 4th, and 5th numbers are less than 745 (mine is 724, for example), then chances are good that you have the 3.9 Bootloader. Those with 745 (the “7″ is the year and the “45″ is the week your iPhone was manufactured) should double check their Bootloader version.

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