AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile Respond to Verizon Unlimited

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile Respond to Verizon Unlimited. Recently Verizon unveiled its “unlimited offering.” All other major carriers responded with pretty much the same deal. AT&T is offering unlimited voice for $99 and unlimited connectivity and messaging for $35. One year contract is required for new subscribers and data plans are unchanged, though. Compared with Verizon’s offer, AT&T is $15 cheaper, but their HSDPA coverage is more limited than Verizon’s EVDO.

Sprint’s deal costs bit more ($119) but that price buys you both unlimited voice and data. The problem is that it seems they are restricting the new offer to four markets: San Francisco, Philadelphia, Tampa and Minneapolis/St.

Finally at T-Mobile, $99 buys you unlimited voice and text (including text, picture and IM). Previously, the Deutsche Telekom owned mobile operator has been selling unlimited text messaging for $14.99 and 5,000 minutes of calls for $129.99.

See what competition and the open market can do. Next stop - even cheaper unlimited plans.