Baseball Superstars 2008 - Gamevil

Baseball Superstars 2008 - Gamevil. Gamevil US has released their Baseball Superstars 2008 mobile game, the newest instalment in their Baseball Superstars mobile game series. There are 8 different teams to choose from, 4 unique stadiums to compete in, and 3 (Season, Exhibition and My League) modes to play in. You can also create, customize, and train your pitcher or batter; upgrade and equip players with new baseball gear and accessories; improve their stats with the training, and increase their popularity ratings as you groom them into superstars.

In addition, managing the life of a major leaguer also includes such things as hosting autograph sessions, attending commercial shoots, and even going on dates with the ladies. Plus, there’s the Team Management feature, which allows you to trade players among different teams.

“We’re expecting Baseball Superstars 2008 to be another hit like it’s predecessor, as it is the arcade-style game that anyone can enjoy, regardless of whether you’re already a baseball fan or not,” said Stephanie Huang, Marketing Manager of GAMEVIL USA, Inc.

Gamevil is about to repeat the success it had with the previous version of Baseball Superstars. More >