C-002 HiPhone - Closest iPhone Clone

C-002 HiPhone - Closest iPhone Clone. C-002 claims a “rock solid 99% iPhone clone”. Not only has this iPhone clone come to being closest copy of the Apple Phone, it is almost just as popular to consumers. And like many imitators of the iPhone, it beats the original in some areas. The C-002 holds two SIM cards at the same time, supports MMS and the built-in camera has video capture capability. Actually, with Trans-flash (microSD) expansion and removable batteries (not to mention the video recording and dual SIM card support), the C-002 offers everything that is lacking on the real iPhone.

In fact, some of the largest differences between this phone and its inspiration are improvements: a removable battery, dual SIM cards and a microSD slot. The C-002 has a fairly “janky” look to it. But for $239, you really can’t complain.

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