Emoze Push Mail to Mobile Phone, PDA

Emoze Push Mail to Mobile Phone, PDA. Free software from emoze launched at Mobile World Congress 2008 enables everyone with a personal email account from their Internet service provider to have emails pushed to their mobile phone or PDA. It’s like push email was brought down to the regular consumer. The cost is zero and if you like how it sounds, just visit emoze.com, sing-up and start receiving your emails on your mobile the second they arrive.

emoze’s free push email service is also available for Gmail, and other services. For Nokia Nseries users, emoze is conveniently located in the Download! folder. Simple to download and easy to install, a user enters their regular email address and the system recognises the ISP by the domain name used and synchronises automatically.

Still among the only free push solutions for email available, users do not need to activate the service each time or make an outbound request to reconcile with the email servers. The emoze POP3 solution sends messages to consumers and business users in real-time. Not only does this provide faster push-email but it also incorporates a high level of security as data is not duplicated nor stored on any external server. This real-time push email solutions saves the user connectivity-related costs and delivers increased efficiency in device power consumption, memory use and CPU.

Customers subscribing to personal and business accounts through their internet provider simply download emoze for free at emoze.com, or via a web-based wizard at www.emoze.com.