Homebrew ROM - Sprint Mogul Windows Mobile 6.1 Features

Homebrew ROM - Sprint Mogul Windows Mobile 6.1 features. News For Sprint Mogul customers, The newest homebrew ROM brings Windows Mobile 6.1 features with it. This time a patched and spliced together “6.1″ release for the Sprint Mogul by the people on PPCGeeks and XDA-Deelopers has been released.

no2chem from PPCGeeks forum cooked up this ROM and has made it available for brave Sprint Mogul owners itching to try out threaded text messaging. As with all firmware modifications, you’ll want to get nice and intimate with the flashing procedures before you dive in. All data will be wiped from the handset, so make sure you back up your contacts and what-not prior to applying this ROM update.

So if you want to get in on the Windows Mobile 6.1 action before it’s officially available, Sprint Mogul Windows Mobile 6.1 Homebrew ROM features > here.