Kodak KAC-05020 Phone Camera

Kodak KAC-05020 Phone Camera. Kodak, by using a technology that uses clear pixels to augment light sensitivity, has introduced a quarter inch 5 megapixel CMOS image sensor for mobile phones. The sensor is supported by the Texas Instruments’ OMAPTM and OMAP-DM solutions, enabling a host of KODAK Image Processing and Enhancement Features (such as digital image stabilization, rapid auto-focus, red-eye reduction, and facial recognition) that provide digital camera-like performance in a camera phone.

At 5 million pixels, the KAC-05020 provides the highest resolution available in the popular ¼” optical format (Each pixel is 1.4 microns small versus the typical 1.75 microns) and enables imagery up to ISO 3200 and support for full 720p video at 30 fps. Samples of this chip, called the KAC-05020, will sample in Q2 2008. It will be demonstrated at the GSMA Mobile World Congress held Feb 11 – 14 in Barcelona, Spain as well, rumor has it Motorola is building a phone with this sensor inside.

For more information on Kodak’s entire image sensor product line, please visit www.kodak.com/go/imagers.