Linux Phones from LiMo Next Month

Linux Phones from LiMo Next Month. LiMo Foundation has been hard at work to bring an alternative, open-source Linux mobile phone platform to market and it looks like they’re getting set to launch their Linux-based mobile phone operating system next month.

LiMo faces competition from another open platform, Android, supported by Google and the Open Handset Alliance. The LiMo Foundation is focusing on phones’ middleware, leaving handset manufacturers and operators to choose their own user interface and content applications. While Android handsets have yet to materialize, LiMo Foundation aims to have their mobile OS powering handsets very soon. Morgan Gillis, executive director of the LiMo Foundation says that “putting handsets into consumers’ hands is the most important proof point.”

As if in response to Google’s announcement of a revised Android SDK release, LiMo Foundation plans to release their beta-API today. The beta-API will allow developers to play with and develop their own user interfaces (UI) and applications for the LiMo mobile OS, but will be tweaked and changed (minor changes) before it LiMo releases the final version. LiMo wants developers to really dig into the open-source OS, giving them free reign to make their own “outer-ware.”

We can’t wait to see what Linux-phones will be borne of this LiMo platform.