MixDJ - DJ Software for Phone

MixDJ - DJ Software for Phone. DJ app turns your phone in to a DJ - or so NXP software, who are behind the app, are suggesting. NXP Software could deliver the killer blow to your ambitions with its MixDJ application that allows one to create gapless mixes of songs available on your handset thanks to beat-matching and crossfading technology utilized.

You can do beatmatched, gapless, cross-faded mixes of your songs, and then apparently save the mixes to share with your friends. You can’t unfortuantely download the app, as NXP are known for doing handset preloads instead - but you CAN take a look at their website, www.software.nxp.com, for more info. Maybe we’ll see a download version coming at the some point, which would be cool indeed!