Motorola Z6w, W181, W161

Motorola Z6w, W181, W161. Motorola announced low-end phones and an update to the existing one seems more than pathetic. Two of the devices, W181 and W161 — seem designed for emerging markets, while the third, Z6w, is the WiFi-enabled Z6m.

Motorola Z6w — a WiFi version of the Z6m — and a pair of affordable, low-end handsets dubbed the W181 and W161. The new W-series gear ship in dual-band GSM 900/1800 or GSM 850/1900 configurations with built-in FM radio, USB 1.1 (yes, 1.1), and 128 x 128 pixel display which brings 65k colors on the W181 or black and white on the W161.