Nokia S60 Touch Video

Nokia S60 Touch Video. Nokia’s CEO, Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo put the official kibosh on any Windows Mobile-powered Nokia rumors with his statement that, “we don’t have plans to do Windows in mobile at the moment.” Right, in other words, WinMo ain’t happenin’ guys and gals.

But, what is happening is S60 Touch. And it’s going to happen in 2H 2008. That’s an official launch windows from the big guy himself, and it means that we’ll be seeing the much anticipated S60 Touch interface sooner than expected. 3G iPhone, meet S60 Touch. This one’s going to be a fight to the death. Apple had better have some serious ammo if they’re going to compete, Nokia ain’t joking around with S60 Touch.
Check out this demo video posted on the Nokia marketing blog.