Opera Mobile 9.5 Unveiled

Opera Mobile 9.5. Opera Software unveiled the Opera Mobile 9.5 (Even though we haven’t seen the version 9.0 released). According to the mobile web browser developer, users can expect faster browsing speed, new interface, and built in Opera Widgets. With Faster speed, The new version utilizes Opera’s Presto rendering engine to achieve page load speeds comparable to a desktop experience. The Opera Presto engine was modified and improves browsing performance significantly by accelerating the handling of Web pages. It dramatically improves page responsiveness on pages with heavy use of languages such as JavaScript and Ajax, ensuring smooth, hassle-free browsing.

With Opera Mobile 9.5, users can experience the real Web and interact with content exactly as they do on their PC. Opera Mobile 9.5 also packs such features as tabbed browsing, call phone number from a web page, password manager, URL input auto-completion, history, copy text, save web page for future offline access, and more…

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