Pink BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Exclusively for UK Carphone Warehouse

Pink BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Exclusively for UK Carphone Warehouse. RIM has released the phone exclusively in the UK with the Carphone Warehouse. This device has previously been in red and blue, but launching with a pink variant really shows RIM’s focus at the consumer market. The launch highlights the Canadian smartphone manufacturer’s push into the consumer market, headed by the release of the device in blue and red last year. 8110 smartphone comes with built in GPS, two megapixel camera, media player and push email.

Pink BlackBerry Pearl 8110 will be available free on O2 contracts of £35/month and upwards, and until the exclusivity ends on March 31st, comes with free bottle of Champagne! A cheerful colour shows this smartphone isn’t just for business. The clever keyboard helps you handle your email on the move, with the pearl-like trackball making it easy to navigate through the handset’s features. Alongside the diary and address book there’s a 2-megapixel camera and a music player as well.

BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Features:
+ Includes 14 day trial of Carphone Warehouse Navigator
+ Key Features: 2 Megapixel camera
+ Email
+ Built in GPS
+ Bluetooth®