Qualcomm QSC6295 for Mobile Internet

Qualcomm QSC6295 for Mobile Internet. Qualcomm introduced a new single-chip solution bringing unprecedented multimedia and broadband capabilities to the mass-market tier, The Qualcomm Single Chip QSC6295. Qualcomm QSC6295 leverages advanced 45 nanometer CMOS process technology and combines rich multimedia, power-saving innovations and broadband data speeds. With support for downloads of up to 10.2 Mbps, uploads of up to 5.76 Mbps, compelling multimedia content and integrated Bluetooth/FM/GPS, the QSC6295 is “helping drive the migration of popular Internet community and media sharing services to the mobile space.”

The QSC6295 offers a unique combination of advanced modem capabilities, including HSPA and HSPA+, and rich multimedia features to deliver a truly next-generation mobile user experience on mass-market handsets. With the addition of the QSC6295 solution to Qualcomm’s roadmap, complementing Qualcomm’s entry-level solutions — such as the QSC6240(TM) and QSC6270(TM) — and dual-core Smartphone chipsets such as the QSC7230(TM), the Company’s single-chip family now spans all market segments, providing highly integrated, cost-effective solutions for device manufacturers targeting any market tier. The QSC6295 integrates baseband, multimedia processing and radio functionality into a single chip, delivering significant cost- and time-to-market advantages to help drive wireless broadband and 3G adoption in mass markets around the world.

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