Set Access Point to Skyhook WiFi Database

Set Access Point to Skyhook WiFi Database. The Wi-Fi Positioning System from Skyhook Wireless is a software-only location platform that provides 20 meter positioning accuracy to any Wi-Fi enabled mobile device. Unlike satellite based GPS systems, WPS uses terrestrial based Wi-Fi access points to determine location.

Skyhook’s WiFi database is a great way to increase the accuracy of your iPhone v1.1.3’s faux-GSP positional features. With WiFi range maxing out at something like 100 feet, using WiFi access points to pin-point your location is a fairly accurate method - providing that you have a WiFi AP in range. Unfortunately, Skyhook’s WiFi database was a pain in the you-know-where to update with wireless access points - requiring you to email your AP-address, MAC address, Lat/Long data to Skyhook. So, it seems that Skyhook was thinking along those lines as well. They’ve updated with WiFi AP submission process by providing a point-and-click solution on their website.

Simply go to their webpage, enter your address along with your MAC address and email, then slick “submit.” That’s it. Submit Skyhook WiFi AP here.