Sierra Wireless HSPA USB Modem

Sierra Wireless HSPA USB Modem. Sierra Wireless has added two new products to its lineup of HSPA mobile broadband modems, a new USB modem (Compass 885) and a new ExpressCard (AirCard 885E), both HSPA enabled.

Sierra Wireless Compass 885 tri-band USB modem for HSPA networks packs more features in a smaller volume than any current counterpart. Designed to offer a flawless user experience, the Compass 885 USB modem includes TRU-Install software installation to simplify setup, a microSD memory card slot to expand its functionality, and a laptop clip accessory to provide flexibility in use. Compatible with mobile broadband networks worldwide, the Compass 885 USB modem is the only product in its class to include a connector for an external antenna, allowing users in remote areas or fringe network coverage to extend and strengthen their connection to the network.

Compass 885 USB modem and the AirCard 885E ExpressCard support tri-band HSPA/UMTS with receive diversity on all three bands, and quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM, making them ideal for world travelers. Both products offer peak data speeds of up to 7.2 megabits per second on the downlink, and up to 2.0 Mbps on the uplink (software upgradeable to 5.76 Mbps uplink as future improvements become available). They are compatible with both Windows and Mac notebooks and desktops and offer GPS support for location based services such as local search and navigation applications.

Both the AirCard 885E ExpressCard and the Compass 885 USB modem are scheduled for commercial availability in mid-2008.