Sunset - FPS RPG iPhone Game

Sunset - FPS RPG iPhone Game. Sunset is a first-person role playing game for iPhone and iPod touch. The game tells the story of you, as a security guard, saving a research facility from an alien invasion. No, it’s not the most original plot ever conceived, but that’s hardly the point of this game. The point is to push the limits of what Mobile Safari can do as much as possible, and to have fun doing it. The guy named Donald Hays developed the full FPS RPG game for the iPhone. The game is called Sunset and offers custom made graphics which create a 3D RPG environment. Don’t get too excited though, Sunset is no World Of Warcraft.

Some serious programming is behind this project, hence you won’t believe it’s a web-based RPG. Not that we haven’t seen similar projects in the past, but it’s important to notice this is a web-based RPG for the mobile device. Interested? just go to the official page here: