Vodafone recalls 3000 Nokia 6110 Navigators

Vodafone recalls 3000 Nokia 6110 Navigators. Vodafone has issued a recall notice on some 3,000 of the Nokia 6110 Navigator mobile phone due to faults with the mapping software. The problem only occurs only a customised version of the handset which is distributed by Vodafone where the navigation software freezes when the UK and Ireland map is loaded.

Vodafone has said affected handsets are being removed from stock and the software issue will be addressed in new stock. More of a reason to buy unlocked. See what happens when operators much about inside a handset’s software?

If you have a Vodafone branded Nokia 6110 Navigator (why?) and your device is experiancing problems when using the GPS application then please contact Vodafone who may be able to help.

Contact Vodafone > here.
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