Windows Mobile Smartphones hit 14.3 million

Windows Mobile Smartphones hit 14.3 million. Microsoft’s press conference at Mobile World Congress (3GSM) 2008 was something of a counter-punch to the iPhone sales figures that have been floating around of late. Shipments of Windows Mobile smartphones hit 14.3 million units globally in the last six months, and Microsoft expects to hit 20 million units by June of this year.

Microsoft credits the Samsung BlackJack and HTC Touch WM-based smartphone as helping the Windows Mobile platform get “ahead of RIM and of course Apple’s iPhone” on the global market. The US market is a different matter altogether. If there’s one thing that Microsoft does well, it’s moving massive volume of product all over the globe. And, with the next-generation Windows Mobile platform on the horizon, we can only imagine that Microsoft will be shipping ever more WinMo devices in the future.