Asus Windows Mobile 6.1 UI

Asus Windows Mobile 6.1 UI. New Asus GUI for their newest touchscreen cellphones including Asus Lamborghini ZX1 Smartphone. ASUS started with Windows Mobile 6.1 as a foundation and built their own “Multi-Home” 3D Cube interface on top - it’s a lot like HTC’s TouchFLO interface, but more extensive and sleeker (but don’t count HTC out just yet, they’re working with Microsoft to improve and better integrate TouchFLO in upcoming WinMo releases).

The fancy Asus WinMo 6.1 new UI gives the user quick access to “ASUS Today” (the today screen, ASUS-style), life, and business applications at the flick of a finger - including apps like the built-in ringtone editor, photo album with “CoverFlow” view, world-clock, etc. All in all, the ASUS Multi-Home UI is reminiscent of the Apple Multi-Touch UI - from finger flicks and rotating/sliding application screens, Apple really did spark a touchscreen revolution.

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