AT&T Unlimited Calling Plans for iPhone

AT&T Unlimited Calling Plans for iPhone. AT&T is now offering the an unlimited calling plan for iPhone. For $119.99 per month, you get the same unlimited mobile to mobile calling, unlimited nights/weekends, 200 SMS text messages, Rollover minutes, Visual Voicemail, and unlimited data that all other iPhone plans offer (with the exception of the lowest tier iPhone plan - which only offers 5000 night/weekend minutes) but with an unlimited allotment of wireless minutes.

The new Unlimited iPhone plan is not available in Alaska, but if you feel like shelling out a buck-twenty, you can throw caution to the wireless-wind and talk up your friends until they tell you to stop calling.

Interestingly, the Unlimited iPhone plan only offers 200 SMS text messages. AT&T seems set on limited the number of included SMS text messages, essentially “encouraging” iPhone users to buy a messaging plan.

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