FM Radio Aerial - Phone Radio without Earphones

FM Radio Aerial - Phone Radio without Earphones. Yeah, we don’t know why mobile phones makers make us use earphones in order to listen to the local radio stations. But, Thanks to the neat accessory called FM Radio Aerial you will now be able to listen radio without earphones. Simply insert the Aerial into the 3.5mm audio jack, start the radio app (”Visual Radio” on Symbian S60 phones), turn on the speakers and you’re ready to rock.

There is a downside, however - the Aerial has to be removed to answer an incoming or make an outgoing call. Then again, it costs 3.99 GBP (about $8) so you can’t complain much. It’s available on eBay, just search for “FM Aerial for Nokia N95? and you should be able to find it.

(via symbianfreak)