fringME! Widget Update (Supports UIQ Smartphones)

fringME! Widget Update (Supports UIQ Smartphones). fring has just announced that they’ve updated the fringME! widget to allow web-to-mobile chat feature. The idea is to provide users with a widget they could use on their blog, social network profile or website and allow their visitors to contact them while they are in motion.

In addition, Symbian S60 users with GPS-equipped handsets can also show their location to site/blog/profile visitors using the “Find Me” function. Unfortunately, this is not available for UIQ smartphones, but anyway there is no GPS equipped with Symbian UIQ smartphone at the moment. Yes, you can use the Bluetooth GPS receiver, but that is a problem.

In any event, to start using fringME! you will need the latest version of fring. Then simply visit the fringME! website to choose a widget design, copy and paste an html code onto your chosen web pages, switch on and configure fringME! on your mobile handset, and you’re ready to go.

Grab fring download here.