How to Copy-Paste on iPhone

How to Copy-Paste on iPhone. Copy and paste is quite possibly the singularly most requested feature on the iPhone. Sure, the iPhone can recognize an phone number in any webpage/text message/email. And calling the number is a simple matter of tapping the phone number and initiating the call. But, what if you want to copy and paste a URL or block of text? Well, you need some good copy-n-paste action.

With the help of some handy bookmarklet code, iPhone users can copy text and URLs and then paste into a form or email the text/link to yourself or a friend. iCopy is the best solution to get your iPhone to copy/paste with ease. iCopy is the first (that I know of) application for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allows you to copy and paste text and URL’s between web pages. You also have the option of emailing copied text or URL’s.

Read more details how to + video here > iCopy for iPhone Copy-Paste