iPhone GPS Positioning without Dock Connector

iPhone GPS Positioning without Dock Connector. Google Maps My Location feature gives a good approximation of your location, but if you want turn-by-turn navigational features you’re going to have to wait and hope that Apple endows the next-generation iPhone with integrated GPS. LocoGPS module was a great GPS solution for the iPhone, but you still had to live with that awkward locoGPS module sticking out of the dock connector at the bottom of your iPhone. Now, gomite is back to show off their newest, wireless variant of locoGPS.

This time around, the wireless version of locoGPS hangs inconspicuously on your keychain - locoGPS Mobile Navigation Server frees up your iPhone dock connector There’s no need for a GPS module connected to your iPhone’s dock connector. But, how exactly does it transmit all that GPS data to your iPhone? By WiFi, of course. The iPhone doesn’t like to talk to other devices over Bluetooth (save for the Bluetooth headsets and speaker systems), so gomite rigged their wireless locoGPS module to serve up that delicious positional info over WiFi.

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