LEDAlerts 7colors for Samsung BlackJack II

LEDAlerts 7colors for Samsung BlackJack II. Samsung BlackJack II LED indicator light’s 7 different color possibilities can be assigned to a range of events/notifications. With QoreFunctions’ LEDAlerts application, you can use that awesome color palette on your Samsung BlackJack II’s LED indicator light to give you a heads up missed calls, text messages, emails, calendar event, alarm, etc. You name it, and LEDAlerts can map that event to your LED light.

Why go through the hassle of turning on your BlackJack II’s display just to find out that you have new spam in your mailbox. Save yourself some time and a bit of battery juice by checking the LED indicator - with 7 different colors, you can quickly tell at a glance what your BJII wants.

+ Manages Simultaneous Active LEDs
+ User Selectable Active LED Duration
+ WM6 SmartPhone.
+ Automatically activates external LED for new email, new voice mail, new SMS, calendar reminders.
+ Control 7 LED colors on BlackJack II.
+ Also works on i617, Dash, HTC S620, HTC S730, Verizon SMT 5800.

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