Verizon Motorola RIZR Z6cx

Verizon Motorola RIZR Z6cx. Verizon Wireless has launched yet another version of their world-traveling Motorola RIZR Z6 slider. The Motorola Z6cx has gone live on Verizon Wireless, but don’t be fooled by the extra letters adorning the model name of this slick slider-phone. The “x” in Motorola Z6cx probably stand for “no camera.” In other words, the Moto Z6cx lightens its globe-trotting load by doing away with the 2 megapixel camera that its sibling Moto Z6c so happily sports.

About Motorola Z6cx. Motorola Z6cx is the camera-less variant of the Z6c. All other features and the design are the same. It is world-capable, as it has CDMA/EV-DO for domestic usage and GSM for overseas.

The lack of camera is probably Moto’s way of appealing to jet-setting corporate types that can’t bring a camera into the workplace - trade secrets being secrets, after all. It’s a shame that the camera is gone. You can grab the Motorola Z6cx without a camera for $179.99, after contract and rebates.

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