Video: Samsung Anycall Haptic Phone

Video: Samsung Anycall Haptic Phone. The device filmed on this video is Samsung SCH-W420/W4200, It is a slender, iPhone-like handset with a 3.2? touchscreen, a lively user interface, Samsung Anycall Haptic sports a lively UI which support widgets on the homepage (looks like it’s TouchWiz, Video : Samsung TouchWiz UI from the last post), and a terrestrial broadcast TV receiver.

In the force feedback dept., it uses a vocabulary of 22 different vibrations to simulate actual feels and actions. When you see a volume knob for the radio and reach to turn it, you hear and feel the clicks of an old-timey dial. The phone, which includes a terrestrial broadcast TV receiver, is going to sell for $700 to $800 and is Korea only.

(via gizmodo)