Opera Mini 4.1 Beta

Opera Mini 4.1 Beta. For you who're still using version 4, this new version 4.1 is faster. Opera Mini new version 4.1 beta improves the way Opera Mini interacts with your phone to make browsing more convenient, more productive and definitely more fun.

This newest release includes several new features, including automatic completion of Web addresses, making it easier to get to the sites you need; tools for attaching files to Web-based email; uploading photos to your blog or other site; downloading attachments from email for storage on your phone; and saving and viewing pages offline.

Opera Mini 4.1 beta features: + It’s up to 50% faster than Opera Mini 4 + URL autocomplete - Opera Mini will automatically suggest URL completions + Save pages for offline access + Find content in the page + Download and upload files - i.e. add attachments to email (if you’re using Opera Mini to access your webmail)

More information about Opera Mini 4.1 Beta and Download is available from operamini website > here.