Celio REDFLY Details

Celio REDFLY Details. This “Palm’s failed Foleo device” has just been “revived” by an American company called Celio. But compared to the Foleo, REDFLY has a lot more chance to survive on the market. First of all, it is almost completely independent of third party developers (who are even more unlikely to support another such device after the Foleo’s disastrous flop). Basically, if a driver is available for a smartphone; the phone can be used with the RedFly - and Celio seems to be willing to create these drivers itself.

Celio REDFLY is simply an extension a Smartphone, providing a shell with a battery (8 hours), a full keyboard and 8 inch display. There is also a VGA-Out. REDFLY connects to the Smartphone via Bluetooth, or USB, in which case, it will also serve as a battery extender for the phone. REDFLY is compatible with Windows Mobile 5 and 6 devices.

Celio wisely claims that it’s initially targeting enterprise users with the Bluetooth 2.0, clamshell device, although frankly it seems like they’d have more success concentrating on the software and letting OEMs deal with designing products that offer a more attractive price / performance ratio.

Celio REDFLY Features:
+ Touchpad Mouse
+ 8hrs battery Life
+ Bluetooth, USB (connect/charge)
+ 8” Display
+ Full Keyboard
+ VGA Port
+ 1×6x9 inches, 1.9lbs

Celio REDFLY device will be available in March for $499.