Intel iPhone Clone Pictures from CES 2008

Intel iPhone Clone Pictures from CES 2008. After famously winning Apple’s computer business, Intel appears to have its sights set on providing the powerplant for the iPhone and its descendants. During this morning’s session on mobile Internet devices, Intel’s senior veep for ultra mobility Anand Chandrasekher produced a prototype device which looked like a stretch limo version of the iPhone which he spruiked as “mostly all screen, you can read it very nicely; it’s very slim, very thin.”

Intel are giants when it comes to chips so how will they do in the mobile industry. The chip giants were at CES 2008 in Las Vegas and there stand had many ultra pc concepts including one shown here that was a fully working prototype.

“I love the iPhone” admitted Chandrasekher. “Apple is a bastion of innovation in their own right, and we are an innovator in our own right. Hopefully sometime in the future our paths may meet”.

According to Intel, its MIDs using Silverthorne chips on the Menlow platform can surpass any other device in the same category available currently, while not taxing battery life, thanks to something called Hafnium that prevents energy leaks. They come either with WiMax or 3G to lower costs and increase battery life.

Coming to the iPhone’s twin, this MID looks desirable even though it does not actually do anything now, being just a mockup and all that. The design is similar to that of an iPhone but slightly elongated with emphasis more on screen than buttons. The interface also looks similar although not to a point of infringing Apple’s patents.