Chinese Gold Star P1i Clone of SE P1i

Chinese Gold Star P1i is a 'Clone' of Sony Ericsson P1i. The phone offers Bluetooth connectivity and an FM Radio. The organizer functions seem to be basic for a so called smartphone, thus you can get only Calendar, To Do List, Alarm and a Calculator. Eventhough the phone got itself some built-in High Quality Speakers. You can record video in Mpeg4 and H.263 formats.

Gold Star P1i comes with two SIM card slots feature, Camera, Video Recorder, FM Radio, TV Receiver, Media Player, Bluetooth, and microSD memory slot. There is another thing that can’t compete with the original Sony Ericsson P1i: the Chinese ‘fake P1i’ Phone Book allows only 500 contacts.

Maybe This Chinese Gold Star P1i (SE-P1i-Clone) is interesting for some people. Actually, it can't replace the quality of original Sony Ericsson P1i.