Sprint's IPv6 Change from IPv4

Sprint's IPv6 Change from IPv4. Sprint has officially announced that it is ready to switch to the next generation Internet Protocol, IP Version 6 (IPv6) from IPv4. IPv6 is the next generation protocol designed to replace the existing version, IPv4, which is the dominant packet transport protocol that is now over two decades old. With a sharp growth in the demand and usage of the Internet, IPv4 is facing problems with limited IP space address.

The primary IPv6 vehicle for Sprint federal customers is the Networx Enterprise contract. Sprint will add IPv6 services to the Federal Networx Enterprise contract as they become available for IPv6 planning and transition support. Whether or not the government agencies will actually be running IPv6 by June of 2008 is an issue that is still not yet clear. All told, it could amount to billions of dollars of revenue for vendors in 2008 and beyond. Sprint IPv6 should be complete in the 2nd Quarter of 2008.

This IPv6 is expected to greatly expand IP addressing and accommodate the rapidly growing demand for devices and applications with Internet access over the next few years.

You can visit www.sprint.com/networxcontract to read a white paper titled, ‘Sprint IPv6 Services.’ to learn more about Sprint’s IPv6 strategy.