CloudTrade P2P File Sharing for Mobile Phone

CloudTrade P2P File Sharing for Mobile Phone. CloudTrade announced the beta launch of its new secure software platform to enable web-enabled mobile phone users to share their content using the peer-to-peer technology. Once again we hear the popular “access your content anytime, anywhere” phrase, making us think why they’ve decided to tie the other popular “first time” phrase along with it in their release.

Everything is apparently legal thanks to CloudTrade’s negotiating efforts with major record labels, music publishers and other content providers. Upon registration, users get 1-gigabyte “Cloud” to store all of their digital content like music, photos, videos and more — which they can later share with their buddies. The service is and will be kept free thanks to the “both relevant and engaging” advertising that is also not intrusive. It’s really hard to imagine that, but I do encourage you to give CloudTrade a try nevertheless. It’s free after all. Full release is available from