Treasuremytext Application for iPhone

Treasuremytext Application for iPhone. Treasuremytext is a prototype application that lets our users archive their SMS messages straight to Treasuremytext from iPhone. The application, still in beta but it will be a full new version when the iPhone SDK comes out, It requires Jailbroken iPhone with “Installer App” and a Treasuremytext account. The application is still in beta so getting it to work isn’t actually the easiest thing to do. You’ll need an invite and some tweaking on your iPhone.

Treasuremytext for iPhone Features:
* Archive SMS messages to your Treasuremytext account
* Delete Individual SMS
* Archives SMS messages and deletes from iPhone in one action

After you’ve installed the app, you’ll be able to delete individual text messages (a feature missing from the built in SMS application), archive SMS to your Treasuremytext account, and even send SMS free of charge (either via EDGE or Wifi). In addition, once you’ve archived your SMS, you’ll be able to access it via Treasuremytext’s website, where they (text messages) are saved with the original date sent and contact information.

For all the instructions you can go to >