Dasur On-Screen Virtual Keyboard Software for PDA and Smartphone

Dasur On-Screen Virtual Keyboard Software for PDA and Smartphone. Dasur has released two on-screen virtual keyboard applications for Windows Mobile - SlideIt and ThumbKey. The applications supports all versions of Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. It can be used on any smart-phone, PDA, handheld terminal with touch screen.

The idea is to enhance on-screen typing experience with two different approaches, each suited for different kind of users.

SlideIt is an intuitive method to input text on touch screen enabled devices that combines three methods - sliding, prediction and graffiti. Instead of tapping each letter, with SlideIt users simply point to first letter of a word and slide the stylus to the subsequent letters. Spacing is achieved by just lifting the stylus. According to Dasur — as we still have to test this — “speeds of more than 50 words per minute are easily achievable.”

ThumbKey’s technology bring the touchscreen method familiar to BlackBerry users to a more accurate and easier level of operation with the capability of using but one hand. Dasur’s ThumbKey uses a unique algorithm that allows users to just press in the general vicinity of the required key for the intended word to appear on the screen. The algorithm processes the typed letters and its disambiguation features suggests the intended word and “conveniently displays additional possibilities next to the keyboard.”

More information is available from http://www.mobiletextinput.com/