Palm Treo 800w Possible Features

Palm Treo 800w Possible Features. According to some new leaked details, Palm Treo 800w, one of the latest smartphones will hit the market soon. It seems the new Palm will have about the same size as Palm Centro, released last year as the smallest Palm OS based handset ever made. There are no details about the processor that powers the handset, nor about how much talk-time and stand-by time its battery can provide. Nevertheless, Touchscreen, GPS, WiFi, and EVDO Rev. A in a thin package are great features, Palm should have already released a device like this last year. Release window is rumored around April 2008. The Price is still unknown.

Palm Treo 800w Possible Features:
+ Windows Mobile 6.1
+ as thin as a Palm Centro
+ EVDO Rev. A
+ 320 x 320 pixels resolution
+ 2 megapixel camera that takes “decent” pictures
+ Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR
+ microSD card slot to complement the 256MB of memory (there’s 128MB for “something else”)
+ a miniUSB plug in place of the HotSync port and headphone jack for syncing and charging
+ WiFi 802.11g (with dedicated on/off button)
+ compatibility with Microsoft System Center Mobile Device Manager 2008
+ aGPS (assisted GPS)
+ a full QWERTY keypad for easy text entry