E-TEN GloFiish V900 Communicator with Mobile TV

E-TEN GloFiish V900 Communicator with Mobile TV. E-Ten Glofiish V900 communicator with DVB-H, DVB-T, T-DMB and DAB reception capabilities, unifying half a world’s worth of digital television and radio broadcast standards in a single device. Behold, the E-ten Glofish V900 Communicator with DVB-H, DVB-T, T-DMB, and DAB tuners to keep you mobile-TV and radio addicts fully connected to the broadcast of your choice (or your governments’ choice). Following on the E-ten Glofish X650’s announcement, E-ten looks to be getting an early start on Mobile World Congress 2008.

Mobile World Congress 2008 is going to be the hottest, must-see, mobile conference in the world. We have no doubt that we’ll be seeing some interesting stuff from all the major market-players, come February 11-14. And, it seems E-ten is already prepping their lineup for mid-February.