Microsoft GPSID for SmartPhone's GPS Intermediary Driver

Microsoft GPSID for SmartPhone's GPS Intermediary Driver. Microsoft GPSID is utility that lets you configure your Smartphone’s GPS Intermediary Driver (GPSID). It turns out that a GPSID configuration utility that exactly mirrors the Pocket PC version is nestling away in the ‘Tools’ directory of the Windows Mobile 6 Standard SDK Refresh! If you’re a BlackJack II owner, a Motorola Q9H owner or basically anyone wanting to configure GPS on a Smartphone, then you NEED this utility!

Now that Motorola Q9h and Samsung Blackjack II owners are able to unlock their GPS receivers to work outside of TeleNav, Paul over at MoDaCo has come up with another handy way to make better use of your Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard smartphone’s GPS hardware.

The latest refresh to the Windows Mobile 6.0 Standard SDK has revealed a handy little utility to configure the GPS receiver’s communications ports. Paul found the utility in the “Tools” directory of the SDK, and in the name of saving you a 200MB SDK download, he’s packaged the GPSID Configuration Utility into a convenient little CAB file.

Windows Mobile 5.0
Windows Mobile 6 Standard

Download the CAB file directly to your smartphone for installation. (15.99KB)